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Updated January 26, 2015

What Advertising is Available?

  • Up to 8 advertising links on the top and left side of the site.

Who will see our ads?

  • The site lists people 30 to over 100 years old worldwide who compete in Track & Field.

  • Visited by athletes, family and interested people throughout the year.

The image above is a link to a prospectus.

Your advertising fee will be invested into the site (which will exponentially increase awareness, visitors, page views)!

  • More staff to maintain data.

  • Develop more desired features.

  • Improve web hosting for better performance.

  • Expand to other sports.

  • Programs to promote participation.

  • Incorporate as a non-profit 501(c)(3).

This site is very meaningful to many so your supporting this site will be more meaningful to the visitors. Click here to view testimonials

What do ads (1 advertising link) cost me?

  • $40,000 US (4 - $10,000 payments) per year.

  • Will not change through 2016 so no cost change as visitors exponentially increase.

  • Additional contributions are very welcome.


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