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2014 Outdoor Rankings

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UPDATED April 6, 2014

Did you know you can see performances and rankings from your country, WMA region and the world all in one place?

Welcome to the Masters Athletes Rankings site. This is a website devoted to compiling rankings for athletics (track and field) athletes 30 years old and up. The goal of this site is to provide athletes with a comprehensive rankings system to help motivate and inspire them. Rankings lists include country, regional (aligning with WMA regions) and world. You can use the site's tools to see how two countries rankings compare, an athlete compares with another country, view athlete's performance history and more.

This is some of what you can do at this site:

  • Keep a log of your performances;
  • See your ranking within your country, WMA region and world throughout the year;
  • See rankings lists from your country, other countries, WMA regions and world throughout the year;
  • Compare your and other athlete’s performances to another country (as if they were a citizen of that country);
  • Compare any country’s ranking list with any other country.

More performances are entered every day so the lists grow throughout the year!

That is just for starters.  We are busy trying to fill the gap left by Martin Gasselsberger since he stopped compiling his phenomenal world ranking lists.  We just began putting together this system for you in February to start compiling the 2013 rankings (plus 2014 indoor and outdoor rankings).  The system will be improved and features will be added throughout the year to suit your needs and wishes.  Keep checking the site and watch the rankings lists grow.  We hope to get all of the 2013 performances within the next few months then have a regular schedule to have final rankings lists within two months after the seasons end. You can help by making sure your performances are listed.

You can submit your own performances which will be ranked immediately. CLICK HERE TO VIEW DETAILED SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS!  We will also be inserting performances from complete meet results where we can.  We appreciate help to provide us with results in a usable form. 

Most of what is on the site is an interactive link. Please click around (and let me know if there are any broken links)! Try clicking on a ranking list like Men’s 100 meters then click on an ESP (Spain) – you will see Spain’s 100 Meter Rankings. Click on an M45 and you will see Spain’s M45 Rankings. Clicking on the big “Click here to View M45 Rankings for EUROPE” button at the top of the page will take you to the (growing) list of European M45 Rankings.

Here are some of the planned improvements:

  • Age graded rankings;
  • Comprehensive (Combined Indoor and Outdoor) rankings;
  • Improved navigation for meets;
  • Converted times (ie: 1600 meter to 1500);
  • Display athletes' ages;
  • Display wind readings (hope to rank only performances with legal wind).

This site does not have any financial support so I am accepting donations to help me afford to spend the time to develop and maintain this site. There is a link for Supporters (http:/ which has the information for financial contributors. Click here to see who has contributed. I hope to get contributions from the WMA and other countries’ Athletics organizations and will start to pursue those soon.

The US results on the US Rankings site are merged with the world rankings and the navigation should be seamless between the two sites. There are some duplicates, mostly meets but probably some athletes.  Those will be corrected during this week.  The entry deadline for US 2013 submissions was January 31st so US athletes should not add any results now.  The entry deadline for US 2014 Indoor submissions is April 30th.

Please contact me via email or facebook (https:/ with any comments, suggestions or support .

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